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Name:Syndemic RPG
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Welcome to the new world.

You have been chosen to by our team of specialists to participate in an experimental program. Beside you, you will find your cell phone and charger, a complimentary starter kit and with some handy, informative literature to get you up to speed on your new state of existence. Once you feel sufficiently informed, feel free to proceed through the laboratory doors and into the lobby.

Thank you for your participation.

According to Eden's Tree you are a fictional character; a product of someone else's imagination. Everyone you've known, all the places you have been, everything that you've done, is nothing more than another person's daydreams brought to life through art, film, literature or some other medium. That creation is offered up to you on the flat screen embedded to the wall across from a bolted down chair. Watch your movie, read your book, play your video game, peruse your comic. It will continue on loop for as long as you sit before it, soaking it in. It might even bring up fan-sites to see just how favored you are in your audience's eyes.

If this is too much for you to take in, don’t worry: there's water and crackers available on the counter and stools to sit on if you start to feel faint.

Just outside the facility's walls lies the rest of the world, the "real" world that you’ve been pulled into for whatever unknown reason, and it may not meet up to the standards you’d held it to before. A devastated landscape, empty and hollow with nothing but the wind stirring ash and dust through abandoned streets and lifeless buildings. You may at first believe yourself alone, but you’ll soon find you aren't so lucky.

It may start as a glimpse, a groan heard down some dark alleyway, or a shuffling just barely within hearing range, but you'll have very little time to ponder over it, considering once one appears, the horde is soon to follow. The shambling, walking dead, rotted and starving for the flesh of all that's left living on this barren wasteland - you. Along with the scarce pockets of survivors holed up here and there.

This is the reality you've been birthed into and you're not so fortunate to call this fictional, just another video game or horror movie to apply stereotypes and tropes to - this is a world ravaged by infection, depleted and on its last gasps of life. This is your reality, this is your wasteland, and while it's not much and it's far from ideal, it's completely free for you to make of it what you will. If, between the rampant infection, the severely limited supplies, and the ever pressing threat of the undead, you live long enough for that.

So good luck, young hopeful. Welcome to Earth.


Syndemic is a pan-fandom role playing game set in an ever-changing landscape tainted by the remnants of war and a persisting viral outbreak. The population has been reduced to a small amount of survivors and the ever-growing number of the shambling dead.

And you. You take on the role of a fictional character brought to life in this pit for reasons unknown. You will encounter crazy locals, zombie swarms, elements of survival-horror and just plain horror. Light-hearted character interaction is also welcome.

After all, you don't exist. So you might as well make the most of it.

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